Cellular Aging and Neurobiology of Depression (CAN-D) Study


By participating in the CAN-D Study you'll help us better understand how clinical depression affects hormones, indicators of cellular health, and aspects of neurobiology in adults, and how these changes respond to treatment with a standard antidepressant.

What's involved?

Study visits take place at the UCSF Parnassus Heights Medical Center and the SF Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center. Participants will begin an 8-week course of treatment with a standard FDA-approved antidepressant provided by a UCSF faculty psychiatrist. You will know which medication you are taking while enrolled in the study.

To find out if you can participate: 

  1. Phone call with study team (20-30 minutes)
  2. In-Person Visit (~3 hours)

Take screening questionnaire

If you can participate, you'll continue on to the following:

  1. Study visit (~4 hours)
  2. MRI scan (~2 hours)
  3. Antidepressant Treatment (through 8 weeks of study)
  4. Week 4 Follow-Up (~1.5 hours)
  5. Week 8 Study Visit & MRI (~6 hours)


    You must be:

    • 21-60 years old
    • Fluent in speaking English
    • Medically healthy (no significant uncontrolled illness)
    • Currently experiencing symptoms of depression


    You cannot:

    • Currently be taking any antidepressants or psychiatric medication
    • Currently have a substance abuse disorder
    • Taking birth control pills, steroid creams/inhalers, or statins

    Payment = up to $400

    You will be paid in the form of a check, which typically arrives within 2-4 weeks. You will be paid the full $400 if you complete the whole study.

    Contact Us

    If you are interested in participating, please call 415-476-7254 or email [email protected] to schedule your phone screen!

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