Meet the Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab!

Our research team includes experts in psychopharmacology, clinical psychology, biochemistry, neurobiology, genetics, neuroimaging, and immunology, with a unifying theme of investigating how stress provokes or worsens mental illnesses.

Faculty Investigators

Owen Wolkowitz, M.D.

Synthia Mellon, Ph.D.

Elissa Epel, Ph.D.

Victor Reus, M.D.

Dieter Meyerhoff, Ph.D.

Felipe Jain, M.D.

Clinical Research Coordinators

Brent Nier

Mina Cheema

Volunteer Research Assistants

Maryam Khan

Bhuvana Guruswamy

PNE Lab Alumni

Christina Hough

Allie Morford

Michelle Coy, M.S.W.

Molly St. Denis

Laura Mahan

Rebecca Rosser, Psy.D.

John Coetzee